A growing collection of Giant related places around me.
Churches attacked by giants and the great stones themselves. A lake formed by giants blood,
the graves of giants, giant kettles and mountains where the giants lived.

Shot on black and white film with a Brownie Box camera from 1917.

Koj-Lycke stone
Snavlunda church

Norrbyås stones thrown by a giant in Skåleklint towards Kumla church
Torbergsgubbens stone
Sköllersta church
The giant Tjälves grave
The giant Digers mountain
Ekers stone
Ekers church
Falka lake

Giant throw on top of Storstenshöjden
Tysslinge church
Giants kettle
Giants kettle
Nikolai church
The Ulvgryt stones
Storsicke stone
Glanshammar church